This is the easiest way of using you blackberry for Browsing you need is a service Book that contains the configuration of your local carrier which will enable you to browse with you blackberry using another service provider apart from Verizone wireless or any other wireless service provider, when you travel abroad…
I personally I have been having problem Browsing with my blackberry 8830 because it is married to Verizone wireless Network even though I unlock it I still can’t use it to browse on my local carrier but after some research works I later discover that it a minor thing all it takes is a tutorial on how to do it, Ok enough stories let get started………….
Requirements: PC, your blackberry mobile phone and the connectivity cable (cable for pc connection) , blackberry Desktop software and Magicberry software   
Step 1: You will have to download blackberry Desktop software on your P.C.
If you already have no problem but if you do not have before you will have to download it, to download blackberry desktop software click here.
Step 2: You will have to download magicberrysoftware,Magicberry is a software that you can use to edit your service book, So that you can input your service provider configuration manually into your blackberry phone.To download magicberry software click here.
Step 3:Download “Browser_via_TCP_all_network_beta_V1.1.ipd” to your PC this will be useful in the next stage to download it click here. 
After you have complete download this two software’s firstly install blackberry desktop software then install magicberry software after the installation of Blackberry desktop software is complete then we can proceed….
Step 1.: Firstly open your blackberry desktop software on you desktop connect your blackberry mobile phone to the PC at the bottom right-hand side of blackberry software wizard you will see “Connecting…” indication and on your blackberry phone you will see connected to PC Icon after the connection is complete your phone information will be displayed on the wizard including the Model, Name, Pin, software version and phone number and at the right hand-side you will see “Sync All”.
Step 1a : On the menu of your blackberry mobile phone Go to “Option > advance option >  Service book {hold on the alt key then press S B E B, your mobile will display Legacy SB restore is Enable, press OK(perform this operation even if your service Book is empty).
Step 2a.: On your PC go to Device (please make sure during this process your blackberry phone is connected to your PC) Select Backup the backup window will pop-out on the backup Option select Custom backup it will arrange the settings that will be back up Alphabetically then you will have to scroll down to Service Book and Check the Box in front of it, then click next to backup your service book.
Step3a:Extract the “Browser_via_TCP_all_network_beta_V1.1.ipd” file you download in (Step 3) after extracting copy the file into your desktop and create a folder Named “Service Book” then put the file in it.
Step 4a.:  Open you Magicberry software on the desktop if you can’t find it on the desktop go to start menu > All programs and select magicberry when the magic berry software has open select file on the menu bar> click on open on the mini window that was display select desktop on the left hand-side then at the middle of the window select the service book folder you created in (Step 3a.) Open the folder and select the “Browser_via_TCP_all_network_beta_V1.1.ipd” on the right hand you will see Service Book click on the + sign on the side of the Service Book Then the browser and email configuration will display firstly select the browser configuration.
5.a: Select service book at the top menu of the magicberry application and click on “edit”  in the HRT section you will see two tabs namely “Network” /web and other select the web and others tab on the Gateway/URL Colum type in you service provider IP Address on the name Colum type in your service provider name (do not make any other changes apart from this two if you want your phone to recognize the service book ) then select Export only this entry Note: the majicberry will display the location of which this service book you just created is e.g.C:/Programe file/magicberry/MBxxxxxxxx, please note down this number I represent with letter x on the window displayed by magicberry application after writing it down you can press ok.
6a: Now Go to file on the magicberry Application window and select Open the open my computer on the mini window displayed by the magicberry application and go to program file then select Magicberry in the magicberry folder you will see the Service Book you just created at (step 5a) right click on it and select “copy” then in the same mini window go to desktop and right click then press “Paste” now you can close the mini window.
Note: the reason why you should use the mini window is that the Service book you created is locked so and it will become invincible to other application so you will have to use the magicberry application min window to copy it to the desktop so that it will be visible.
7a: now pick up your blackberry mobile phone go to “OPTION > ADVANCE OPTION> SERVICE BOOK and hold on the alt key at the bottom of letter A and press > SBEB you phone will display Legacy SB restore in enable.(make sure your phone is connected)  now go to black berry desktop software select Device and click on restore at the bottom of the restore point selection you will see a file where you last restore performed in (Step 2a) is located you will have to change it because now we do not want to restore the former service books or empty service book click on browse at the right hand-side of the file name it will display a mini window on that mini window click on desktop it will display the service book you paste on the desktop at “step 6a” and select it the click on Next at the bottom then it ask you not to disconnect your phone then you will press yes. After the restoration is complete clock on close. Now go to you mobile menu you will see that your browser is now enabled.
 If you did not get how to use the magicberry software contact me through this e-mail and I will create the service book for you

For nokia phones it will update your phone to the latest fearures nokia created for your phone to check you current firmware press *#0000# then your phone will display the current firmware if your firmware is as old as 2008/2009 it is defiantly old version of your product then you need to update the firmware to enjoy the new features nokia provide for your phone like increase in Bluetooth range fast Gprs connection.

The requirement is your nokia phone a usb cable of your phone a Pc of at least 1GB Ram and nokia software updater and an Internet connection . Your usb cable should proberbly come with your phone if it does’n come with your phone then you need to buy a new one which contain Nokia PC suite to get the Nokia software updater
Click Here
download the updater or if it is not clickable please visit to visit the click-able link after downloading the software updater then you install it to your PC after the installation it will ask you to restart your computer after restarting then you need to connect your pc to the intenet after your PC is connected to the internet then connect your phone to your pc through USB cable Connection.
Note: make sure your PC show New hardware detected at the status bar on the right bottom hand-side of your Computer  which will include the name of your mobile phone then wait till your computer write (your new hardware is detected and ready to use) at the status bar
Then open the Nokia Software Updater from your desktop or your start menu the software will ask for internet connection permission then you click yes after the software has finish detecting your internet connection then connect your mobile phone to the system  through USB cable and click on Start On the software Menu Then it will give you some instruction go through the instruction an click Next then it will search for your mobile phone to detect if i is connected this will take a few moment you have to be patient after it detects your phone it will automatically detect the current firmware you are using  after detection it will show you the current firmware and show you the new firmware then you will click on next and it will start uploading the new firmware to your phone please in this process do not disconnect your mobile phone from the computer your phone might switch off automatically and switch on again please just let it be it will take up to seven minutes for a the updating process to complete after the software has complete the downloading of the update online it will automatically install it to your mobile phone after the update press finish and restart your mobile phone and you are done. start using your phone new features  

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