Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blog Protection

As a blogger you need to protect your blog from spam and hackers, spammers and hackers are unwanted visitor you do not want on your blog, you need to get rid of them, Your traffic source determine the type of visitors you get on your blog, this are the reasons why Google adense deactivate some accounts, Here are Effects and solutions to some of this problems:
Spamming is now a common way that spammers use to generate links to their own sites; they make use of spam bots to spam your site, if the spam bot is successful in placing a link in your site, your site is casting a vote for the spammer site and this will increase the sapmmers site Google Page Rank.
Effects: If your site link to spam site or fraudulent sites, your site will be loosing more visitors and this can lead to termination of your site from search engines index, this means you site will no longer appear on search engines .
Solution: Spammers make use of your comment box to link to their sites, Google has created many means to control spamming on websites but spamming techniques are improving everyday, You need to be smart and control your comments to do this on blogger, go to your Dashboard>> Settings>>>comments  set your comment to wait for your approval before it is displayed on your site.
Hackers are Group of peoples you don’t want on your site, doe some of them are white hackers but hackers like black hackers are very dangerous, Hackers has Disturb many big site including Google and Facebook Several times, You need to watch where you get your traffics.
Effects: You will no longer have access to your site admin panel, if you login details are not tempered with  you will end up loosing some of your contents and you site will be disorganized, all they care about is to achieve their aim.
Solution: Make use of Very strong and secure password for your site admin panel, using of phrase as your password are recommended by Google e.g.  (I love football) but make it very strong like this ( ! 10v3 F00t Ba11).

Monday, April 2, 2012

Making Money with Blogs

Blogger is a platform owned by Google inc. this platform is to enable internet users to create their own blog free of charge, they are allowed to design and share their own content on their blog, Blog can be used for many purpose it can even be used as a website for promoting you business, Contents that can be shared on blogs include Articles , Images, Adverts, links and more…
Blogger does not require you to know html, Php or any web designing language to start blogging; it is as simple just like using any other computer applications, just sit down relax because you are about to learn one of the easiest way of making money on the internet, your blog can also be use to publicize your self, products and develop yourself.
The purpose of this Article is to teach you how to make money with your own Blog through blogger by creating your own free blog, first thing that make blogs unique is the contents (articles, images and others), Having a good article and information to share on your blog gives your blog quality visitors. To learn more on how to write a professional article for your blog visit
Your Blog is a good medium to make money with pay-per click adds, I will encourage you to sign up for Google adsense after creating your blog for your blog to display adds that will earn you a good incomes monthly, it easy to set up. To learn more on how to start earning with Google adsense visit
You can also make use of free downloads, you can give free contents to your visitors and still gain from it, Make more money on your blog, you can do this is by inserting download links of the files you want to share with your blog visitors in your blog and still earn from it. to learn more about how to make money with downloads on your blog visit
Another great way of making money from your blog is asking for donation from your visitors, yes this is possible because some visitors appreciate good contents and like to assist good writers, they can support your blog through their donations , If you have a good articles on your blog, it will be more easy to get donations from your visitors because your contents might have save some of your visitors from spending more money. To learn more on how to ask for donations on your blog visit
One of the most effective ways of making money from your blog is through advertising for companies and websites on your blog. This is when you are paid to promote their business or products from your blog by directing visitors to their websites or locations. To learn more on how to advertise for companies on your blog visit
Your blog is a great medium for introducing your visitors to affiliate programs that you have participated. It is recommended to have your own account of any affiliate programs you want to introduce to your visitors, this will enable you to make more income through referral earnings and give your visitor more reasons why they should trust the program. To learn more on how to market and introduce affiliate program to your visitors visit

Article Writing for Blog

To have professional articles on your blog you need to learn how to write a good articles with a good layout the following are techniques of writing a good articles for your blog:
Target a Specific Audients: you should know the type of people (visitors) you are trying to attract to your blog this will enable you to write an article that is desired.
Conciseness but through: you article should be very brief and straight to the point without loosing intent of your message, if it too long beak it into sections so that your readers wont get bored .
Coherence: your article should give support to any recommendation or conclusions.

Blog Promotion Tips

Blog promotion (publicizing) is the key success of blogging, promoting your blog will give your blog more traffic (visitors), without traffic your blog is useless, blog is not complete without people to read your contents.
Here are the benefits of promoting (publicizing) your blog:
1. Increase in visitors
2. Increase in incomes and earnings
3. Increase in Rankings
4. Increase in blog popularity
There are many ways of promoting (publicizing) your blog; in this article we will discuss the most effective means of promoting (publicizing) your blog.
1. Search Engines: Search engines is a very powerful and the most effective way of promoting your blog, traffic from search engines are unique they are very effective also, people search for what they want on search engines, if your blog contain the content people want this will fetch your blog high traffic. The position your blog is on search results is determined by search engines, traffic from search engines such as bing and yahoo depends on the SEO(search engine optimization) of your blog to learn more about SEO visit
While Google search it is different, Google make use of page ranks to determine the position of your blog on search results page rank is determined by Google through page rank equation,
PR(A) = (1 - d) + d * SUM ((PR(I->A)/C(I))
  • PR(A) is the PageRank of your page A.
  • d is the damping factor, usually set to 0,85.
  • PR(I->A) is the PageRank of page I containing a link to page A.
  • C(I) is the number of links off page I.
  • PR(I->A)/C(I) is a PR-value page A receives from page I.
  • SUM (PR(I->A)/C(I)) is the sum of all PR-values page A receives from pages with links to page A..
In other words: The PR of a page is determined by the PR of every page I that has a link to page A. For every page I that points to page A, the PR of page I is devided by the number of links from page I. These values are cumulated and multiplied by 0,85. Finally 0,15 is added to this result, and this number represents the PR of page A.
Google Page Ranking varies from 0-10 pages that have page rank of 10 are very important while pages between 0-1-2 are less important, To learn how to increase your blog page rank visit
2. Paid Advertisements: Advertising your blog is the best way of getting more visitor to your blog which will lead to more earnings and popularity, paid adverts are very effective and cost less , recommended and trusted advertising programs include Google Adword and Addynamo, More visitors will increase you blog alexa page rank to learn more about alexa page rank and how to increase alexa page rank visit
3. Social Networks: Social Networks are good medium of promoting your blog, Social Networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Yahoo massager, twitter and more, to achieve this create a business page for your blog and promote tem through your blog , this will allow your blog followers to receive your blog updates every time you post new contents.
Article Directories: this are websites that help you in promotion of your name, your blog and your articles, my reason for recommendation of Article directories is Google Search always spend up to six-months to verify your blog against spamming, frauds, errors and malwares, this is to let you know that it will take up to 6 months before your blog is ranked by google, During the period when your blog is been verified you will be making use of article directories for promotion of your articles, they will direct readers to your blog for more articles from you.

Creating Adsense Account Blogger

Google adsense account creation is now made easy for blogger users, here are steps to take in creating google adsense account for bloggers:
1. Login to your blogger account
2. Select the name of your blog
3. Select Earnings on the at the right hand side of the account
4. Click on create adsense account
5. Fill the registration form that appear on your screen
6. Submit the form and wait for two to for 2-4 days before your adsense account is approved, after the approval adds will starts to display on your blog.

Making Money from Blog Downloads

downloads has now been turned into a good source of income for bloggers and website owners here is steps on how to make money from downloads on your blog.
firstly register with pay per download company like they pay you per every 1,000 downloads of your file from any country, create an account with oron after your account creation they will give you free disk space where you can upload your files on their server, after every upload you make you will be given download link to the file you uploaded, the download link is what you will give/display to your blog visitors, you will be earning per every 1,000 downloads of your file, visit their site to know more…

How to advertise for companies on my blog

Advertising for companies and websites on your blog is an effective way of making money from your blog, first step to take when advertising for people on your blog is to negotiate the payment depending on the rate of traffic that you will be directing to their website. after their payment get their banner code from their webmaster and place it on your blog . to know how to add banner code to your blog visit

Donation For Blogs

Asking for donation on your blog has it own advantage, with donations you can be given any amount depending on what the donator want to give it might be less and it might be high , donation means asking for support from your blog readers to help donate for your blog t o improve you blog performance and also help in contribution your own researches , donation is supported by payment processors such as Paypal, Alertpay and Google, you can ask for donation with Paypal and alertpay by visiting their website account
For bloggers users you can put Google donation on your blog by going to layout section and selecting add widget Google donation is among the widgets.

Affiliate Marketing on Blogs

To market an affiliate programs on your blog it is an easy task, you can introduce your visitors to affiliate programs with banners or links on your blog, simply by placing their banner or link for programs that don’t have banners on you blog can direct them visitors, for every affiliate programs you registered for you will be given a referral link or URL , A more effective way of introducing your visitors to affiliate programs is by creating an article explaining how he program works and showing prove of your earning on the program , this will help you gain the trust of your visitors , make sure that the link you provided at the end of the article contain your referral URL.

How to put banner codes on my blog

Putting banner codes on your blog is simple for wordpress blog you can search for plug-in that allows you to put banners in your blog or you can edit your html codes to do that.

For Blogger users if it is google adsense code you want to add to your blog you can do that by selecting add widget on your layout in your dashboard at your design tab , after selecting add widget you will see adsense among the widgets select the type of banner you want and click save, but if it is banner from other websites you can select add widget on your layout and select custom html paste the code inside the big box below the title and submit .

Increase Blog Search Ranking

To increase your blog Google page rank , you need to take some safety precautions and add some SEO techniques.
Posts: you should be careful about what you post on you sites and the terms you use in your writings, this can really affect your Google page ranking, don’t copy contents from other sites, if it is necessary read and understand it then put it down in your own wordings or edit the content at least 25% before posting it on your blog.
Adult Contents: Don’t put adult contents on your site, this can really affect you Google page rank badly, Google always separate adult sites from other site, way that they handle adult site is different from others sites, read google privacy policy for more info.
SEO(search engine optimization): seo simply refers to as making you site search engine friendly, using of terms and wordings that a related to your article title in the body of your article is a very good way of improving your site seo, make use of good keywords for your site will help your site google page ranking, make use of descriptions that are related to your site content is Google for improving you Google ranking,
Links: Links from other sites is a great way of improving you Google page rank, your Google page rank is determined by number of sites that link to your site, links from big sites are respected by Google, Google recognize links from other sites as votes fro your site, the more vote you get the higher your page ranking , you should be careful of link exchange programs, if your site link to any fraud or spam page is can affect your site Google page rank it can eve lead to removing your site from Google index.
Page2page Links: linking your site pages together can also improver your site Google page ranking, link your pages to each other for instance: 1>>>>>>2
This means your pages are voting for each other and the higher the votes the higher the ranking.
Site submission: make sure you submit you site frequently after every updates you make to your site, through Google webmaster central, this will contribute to your site Google page rank, for other search engines bing and yahoo search webmaster central is now combines together, for submission to bing and yahoo visit bing webmaster central and submit your URL.

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