Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blog Protection

As a blogger you need to protect your blog from spam and hackers, spammers and hackers are unwanted visitor you do not want on your blog, you need to get rid of them, Your traffic source determine the type of visitors you get on your blog, this are the reasons why Google adense deactivate some accounts, Here are Effects and solutions to some of this problems:
Spamming is now a common way that spammers use to generate links to their own sites; they make use of spam bots to spam your site, if the spam bot is successful in placing a link in your site, your site is casting a vote for the spammer site and this will increase the sapmmers site Google Page Rank.
Effects: If your site link to spam site or fraudulent sites, your site will be loosing more visitors and this can lead to termination of your site from search engines index, this means you site will no longer appear on search engines .
Solution: Spammers make use of your comment box to link to their sites, Google has created many means to control spamming on websites but spamming techniques are improving everyday, You need to be smart and control your comments to do this on blogger, go to your Dashboard>> Settings>>>comments  set your comment to wait for your approval before it is displayed on your site.
Hackers are Group of peoples you don’t want on your site, doe some of them are white hackers but hackers like black hackers are very dangerous, Hackers has Disturb many big site including Google and Facebook Several times, You need to watch where you get your traffics.
Effects: You will no longer have access to your site admin panel, if you login details are not tempered with  you will end up loosing some of your contents and you site will be disorganized, all they care about is to achieve their aim.
Solution: Make use of Very strong and secure password for your site admin panel, using of phrase as your password are recommended by Google e.g.  (I love football) but make it very strong like this ( ! 10v3 F00t Ba11).

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