Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Promotion Tips

Blog promotion (publicizing) is the key success of blogging, promoting your blog will give your blog more traffic (visitors), without traffic your blog is useless, blog is not complete without people to read your contents.
Here are the benefits of promoting (publicizing) your blog:
1. Increase in visitors
2. Increase in incomes and earnings
3. Increase in Rankings
4. Increase in blog popularity
There are many ways of promoting (publicizing) your blog; in this article we will discuss the most effective means of promoting (publicizing) your blog.
1. Search Engines: Search engines is a very powerful and the most effective way of promoting your blog, traffic from search engines are unique they are very effective also, people search for what they want on search engines, if your blog contain the content people want this will fetch your blog high traffic. The position your blog is on search results is determined by search engines, traffic from search engines such as bing and yahoo depends on the SEO(search engine optimization) of your blog to learn more about SEO visit
While Google search it is different, Google make use of page ranks to determine the position of your blog on search results page rank is determined by Google through page rank equation,
PR(A) = (1 - d) + d * SUM ((PR(I->A)/C(I))
  • PR(A) is the PageRank of your page A.
  • d is the damping factor, usually set to 0,85.
  • PR(I->A) is the PageRank of page I containing a link to page A.
  • C(I) is the number of links off page I.
  • PR(I->A)/C(I) is a PR-value page A receives from page I.
  • SUM (PR(I->A)/C(I)) is the sum of all PR-values page A receives from pages with links to page A..
In other words: The PR of a page is determined by the PR of every page I that has a link to page A. For every page I that points to page A, the PR of page I is devided by the number of links from page I. These values are cumulated and multiplied by 0,85. Finally 0,15 is added to this result, and this number represents the PR of page A.
Google Page Ranking varies from 0-10 pages that have page rank of 10 are very important while pages between 0-1-2 are less important, To learn how to increase your blog page rank visit
2. Paid Advertisements: Advertising your blog is the best way of getting more visitor to your blog which will lead to more earnings and popularity, paid adverts are very effective and cost less , recommended and trusted advertising programs include Google Adword and Addynamo, More visitors will increase you blog alexa page rank to learn more about alexa page rank and how to increase alexa page rank visit
3. Social Networks: Social Networks are good medium of promoting your blog, Social Networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Yahoo massager, twitter and more, to achieve this create a business page for your blog and promote tem through your blog , this will allow your blog followers to receive your blog updates every time you post new contents.
Article Directories: this are websites that help you in promotion of your name, your blog and your articles, my reason for recommendation of Article directories is Google Search always spend up to six-months to verify your blog against spamming, frauds, errors and malwares, this is to let you know that it will take up to 6 months before your blog is ranked by google, During the period when your blog is been verified you will be making use of article directories for promotion of your articles, they will direct readers to your blog for more articles from you.

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