Monday, April 2, 2012

Making Money with Blogs

Blogger is a platform owned by Google inc. this platform is to enable internet users to create their own blog free of charge, they are allowed to design and share their own content on their blog, Blog can be used for many purpose it can even be used as a website for promoting you business, Contents that can be shared on blogs include Articles , Images, Adverts, links and more…
Blogger does not require you to know html, Php or any web designing language to start blogging; it is as simple just like using any other computer applications, just sit down relax because you are about to learn one of the easiest way of making money on the internet, your blog can also be use to publicize your self, products and develop yourself.
The purpose of this Article is to teach you how to make money with your own Blog through blogger by creating your own free blog, first thing that make blogs unique is the contents (articles, images and others), Having a good article and information to share on your blog gives your blog quality visitors. To learn more on how to write a professional article for your blog visit
Your Blog is a good medium to make money with pay-per click adds, I will encourage you to sign up for Google adsense after creating your blog for your blog to display adds that will earn you a good incomes monthly, it easy to set up. To learn more on how to start earning with Google adsense visit
You can also make use of free downloads, you can give free contents to your visitors and still gain from it, Make more money on your blog, you can do this is by inserting download links of the files you want to share with your blog visitors in your blog and still earn from it. to learn more about how to make money with downloads on your blog visit
Another great way of making money from your blog is asking for donation from your visitors, yes this is possible because some visitors appreciate good contents and like to assist good writers, they can support your blog through their donations , If you have a good articles on your blog, it will be more easy to get donations from your visitors because your contents might have save some of your visitors from spending more money. To learn more on how to ask for donations on your blog visit
One of the most effective ways of making money from your blog is through advertising for companies and websites on your blog. This is when you are paid to promote their business or products from your blog by directing visitors to their websites or locations. To learn more on how to advertise for companies on your blog visit
Your blog is a great medium for introducing your visitors to affiliate programs that you have participated. It is recommended to have your own account of any affiliate programs you want to introduce to your visitors, this will enable you to make more income through referral earnings and give your visitor more reasons why they should trust the program. To learn more on how to market and introduce affiliate program to your visitors visit

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