Monday, April 2, 2012

Increase Blog Search Ranking

To increase your blog Google page rank , you need to take some safety precautions and add some SEO techniques.
Posts: you should be careful about what you post on you sites and the terms you use in your writings, this can really affect your Google page ranking, don’t copy contents from other sites, if it is necessary read and understand it then put it down in your own wordings or edit the content at least 25% before posting it on your blog.
Adult Contents: Don’t put adult contents on your site, this can really affect you Google page rank badly, Google always separate adult sites from other site, way that they handle adult site is different from others sites, read google privacy policy for more info.
SEO(search engine optimization): seo simply refers to as making you site search engine friendly, using of terms and wordings that a related to your article title in the body of your article is a very good way of improving your site seo, make use of good keywords for your site will help your site google page ranking, make use of descriptions that are related to your site content is Google for improving you Google ranking,
Links: Links from other sites is a great way of improving you Google page rank, your Google page rank is determined by number of sites that link to your site, links from big sites are respected by Google, Google recognize links from other sites as votes fro your site, the more vote you get the higher your page ranking , you should be careful of link exchange programs, if your site link to any fraud or spam page is can affect your site Google page rank it can eve lead to removing your site from Google index.
Page2page Links: linking your site pages together can also improver your site Google page ranking, link your pages to each other for instance: 1>>>>>>2
This means your pages are voting for each other and the higher the votes the higher the ranking.
Site submission: make sure you submit you site frequently after every updates you make to your site, through Google webmaster central, this will contribute to your site Google page rank, for other search engines bing and yahoo search webmaster central is now combines together, for submission to bing and yahoo visit bing webmaster central and submit your URL.

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