Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nokia Software Updater

For nokia phones it will update your phone to the latest fearures nokia with nokia software updater created for your phone to check you current firmware press *#0000# then your phone will display the current firmware if your firmware is as old as 2008/2009 it is defiantly old version of your product then you need nokia software updater to update the firmware and enjoy the new features nokia provide for your phone like increase in Bluetooth range fast Gprs connection and more can be empowerd with nokia software updater.

The requirement is your nokia phone a usb cable of your phone a Pc of at least 1GB Ram and nokia software updater and an Internet connection the internet connection is necessar for nokia network updater to be able to download your nokia phone software update from the nokia database . Your usb cable should probably come with your phone if it doesn't come with your phone then you need to buy a new one which contain Nokia PC suite to get the Nokia software updater
download the updater or if it is not clickable please visit http://www.timotew.blogspot.com to visit the click-able link after downloading the software updater then you install it to your PC after the installation it will ask you to restart your computer before you can use nokia software updater on you Computer after restarting then you need to connect your pc to the intenet after your PC is connected to the internet then connect your phone to your computer through USB cable Connection.
Note: make sure your PC show New hardware detected at the status bar on the right bottom hand-side of your Computer  which will include the name of your mobile phone then wait till your computer write (your new hardware is detected and ready to use) at the status bar
Then open the Nokia Software Updater from your desktop or your start menu the software will ask for Internet connection permission then you click yes after the software has finish detecting your Internet connection then connect your mobile phone to the system  through USB cable and click on Start On the software Menu Then it will give you some instruction go through the instruction an click Next then it will search for your mobile phone to detect if i is connected this will take a few moment you have to be patient after it detects your phone it will automatically detect the current firmware you are using  after detection it will show you the current firmware and show you the new firmware then you will click on next and it will start uploading the new firmware to your phone please in this process do not disconnect your mobile phone from the computer your phone might switch off automatically and switch on again please just let it be it will take up to seven minutes for a the updating process to complete after the software has complete the downloading of the update online it will automatically install it to your mobile phone after the update press finish and restart your mobile phone and you are done. start using your phone new features  

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