Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to make your computer 10x faster while you are browsing or playing games

To make your computer 10x faster that what it was you need create more memory space for your processing  to be faster, here are some tips on how to create more memory space for you system to be faster at processing.
-:     No desktop background: set your desktop background to solid colour (black) to avoid wall paper rotation, if you notice anytime your computer is about to change your wallpaper automatically your computer acceleration reduces.
-:     No desktop gadgets: desktop gadgets such as picture slide show gadget take more out of your computer memories when the pictures are rotating automatically in the background.
-:     Try to close unused programs on your computer
-:     Try to reduce your desktop icons: 14 icons is enough on your desktop, because if the numbers of your desktop icons are many, this will slow down your computer, the population of the icons determines how long it takes your computer  to refresh, if desktop refreshing is made easy for your computer it accelerate the processing of your computer.
-:     Download software that will help monitor your memory usage, some software can help you control your memory usage by monitoring it and giving you alerts on every changes that take place, software  such as game controller can help you do that or you can download these software @
-:             Try to use Antivirus software that will not occupy a lot of your computer memory when you boot your computer, some antivirus software Backfire by turning themselves into a obstacles on your computer, if you are using their trial version just because they want you to purchase their premium version, Antivirus such as Mc CafĂ©e, Avast, Kaspersky, Avira, Norton Antivirus.  They will always try to give you unnecessary alerts which could disturb you pc and can corrupt your window file which will disable you from uninstalling the antivirus when you want to.  Am not trying to criticize any Antivirus am just trying to explain 
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